Microsoft’s HoloLens is starting to be used at a children’s hospital in the UK

Augmented reality is starting to seep into the medical field with HoloLens

Photo of Microsoft's HoloLens AR headset

The Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in the U.K. has started to test out how HoloLens can help doctors and nurses in the operating room.

Surgeons are using HoloLens since it allows them to easily see up-to-date patient information while they’re operating.

Microsoft’s augmented reality technology also helps doctors check patient records without using their hands. This can be helpful since it helps the doctor keep their mind focused on the patient, and allows them to learn about the patient while operating.

Alder Hey and Microsoft are also working with the developer Black Marble to create apps that can be used across Surface Hub and HoloLens. The software lets users collaborate and plan on the Surface Hub and then upload those plans to the HoloLens headset for the surgeon.

“HoloLens has powerful visualization capabilities. Coupled with the Surface Hub, which is excellent for transforming collaborative experiences, we saw a range of opportunities for creating engaging user experiences,” said Robert Hogg, a chief executive of Black Marble.

Source: Microsoft