Elon Musk was allegedly on acid while tweeting about taking Tesla private

Was Elon Musk higher than a SpaceX rocket?

Elon Musk with Tesla

It seems like we can’t go a week without Elon Musk popping up in some sort of controversy. This week’s episode might be the best yet.

Rapper Azealia Banks recently held nothing back in her online rant aimed at Musk and his Canadian pop-star girlfriend, Grimes. Banks said that Musk was on acid while he tweeted out his intentions to take Tesla private. 

Banks stated on Instagram that Grimes invited her to Musk’s L.A. Mansion to record a song together, but instead of laying down a track, Grimes spent the weekend “coddling her boyfriend for being too stupid to know not to go on twitter while on acid.”

Many of Banks’ subsequent posts insinuate more personal reasons for why she was invited to Musk’s home, though it’s important to point out that all of these allegations are unproven. She mentions that Musk and Grimes may have just wanted her to come out to L.A. without her boyfriend so that they could do “weird threesome sex shit.”

Banks talked to Business Insider after the weekend and said that Musk spent the entire weekend “scrounging for investors” after he went on his August 7th tweetstorm.

Musk’s spokesperson told Business Insider that Banks’ claims were nonsense.

Even if everything in Banks’ story is false except for the fact that Musk tweeted “funding secured” without actually having any funding, that information may be enough for the SEC to hold Musk accountable for stock manipulation.

Source: Engadget, Business Insider