Google Coach is a wearable fitness coach that delivers proactive fitness data: report

Google Fit app

It looks like Google could be working on a new artificial intelligence-driven health and fitness app called ‘Google Coach,’ expanding Google Fit’s current functionality considerably, according to a report from Android Police.

Rather than a traditional exercise tracker, Google Coach’s goal seems to aim to keep users moving in the proactive sense. Coach, which Android Police says is known internally at the Mountain View company as ‘Project Wooden,’ takes advantage of data Google is already tracking regarding your health and fitness, in order to make proactive accessibility suggestions.

The platform will be capable of recommending workout routines, as well as offering what seems like like at-home exercise alternatives if you happen to skip your typical schedule. Coach will also reportedly recommend a weekly meal plan and shopping list directly to your email. It’s also possible that Google could take advantage of access to your calendar data in order to determine how many meals you might need to prepare.

Android Police says that Google Coach’s notifications will be designed to be “conversational,” in an effort to prevent overloading users with information. For example, the publications claims it source says users will get a single combined notification for their daily steps, a reminder to drink more water, or to take specific medication, rather than multiple individual messages.

Google Coach will first come to Wear OS, but the platform is also set to arrive on Android smartphones, says Android Police.

While little seems to be known about the project, Google Coach sounds like a more capable and expansive version of Apple Watch functionality like ‘Calm,’ as well as the wearable’s often annoying feature that reminds users to stand occasionally.

It’s worth noting that the tech giant could change Google Coach’s name before the app’s official launch.

Source: Android Police