Koodo offers customers an extra 10GB of data for $15 via text promo [Update]

Select Koodo customers are currently being offered a new promotion via text message.

MobileSyrup reader in New Brunswick forwarded us a text message they received that offered the choice of adding 3GB or 10GB of data.

While the 3GB option costs an extra $10 per month, the 10GB option costs only an extra $15 per month.

The reader states that they were originally paying $45 for 2GB of data, but that they are now paying $60 per month for 12GB. The add-on facilitation was done completely through text.

Customers on Koodo’s community forum have also reported receiving the text message offer. One forum member in fact, went from 6GB of data for $40 per month to 16GB of data for $55 per month.

MobileSyrup has received more information regarding customers from Toronto receiving the same offer as well as an add another promo that adds an extra 6GB of data, instead of 10GB.

We’ve reached out to Koodo for more information regarding the promotion.

Thanks for the tip Randy and Jacob! 

Update – 16/08/2018: A Koodo customer in Toronto has received the same offer, verifying that it’s a national Add-On and not regional. However, another Toronto customer received an offer for an additional 6GB of data instead of 10GB. This means Koodo is offering more than one promotional Add-On.

Update – 26/08/2018: Koodo is back again asking Public Mobile customers to switch, now in Quebec. Customers are receiving texts inviting them to sign up for a plan that offers $35 for 5GB data and also an additional $15 discount for one year.