Showtime’s Jim Carrey led ‘Kidding’ is coming to CraveTV on September 9


Upcoming Showtime television show ‘Kidding,’ Canadian born actor Jim Carrey’s return to the spotlight, is set to stream on Bell Media’s CraveTV starting on September 9th, according to a recent tweet sent from the platform’s official Twitter account.

Kidding focuses on a fictional Mister Rogers-like kids television host named Jeff Pickles. While the character’s private life falls apart, Pickles attempts keep his wholesome public persona together.

The Showtime produced show marks Carrey’s return to Hollywood following a well-documented multi-year disillusionment with the industry.

Kidding follows Showtime’s Sacha Baron Cohen led ‘Who is America?’ hitting Bell’s Canadian streaming platform back on July 15th. It’s currently unclear the specific time Kidding will stream on CraveTV on a weekly basis, but we’ve reached out to Bell for clarification.

Back in October of 2016, Bell secured an agreement with Showtime that resulted in shows like Billions, Dice and Ray Donovan streaming on the platform.