Vice and Stack partner to deliver financial media content to Canadian youth

Free -- Money by Vice website

Vice Canada and Toronto-based millennial banking app Stack are partnering to deliver multi-platform financial content.

The partnership will deliver content through a Vice channel called ‘Free — Money by Vice.’

Content will consist of stories about spending, saving, young entrepreneurship and more. Like Stack, millennials are the program’s target audience.

Vice and Stack are both dedicated to disruption in their respective fields” says Dominique Delport, Vice Media’s president of international and chief revenue officer.

“Our mutual goal is to reinvent the relationship that youth have with money and we are excited to be providing content dedicated to that.”

Additionally, Free is the evolution of Vice Money, which was created in 2016. Vice wanted to make the financial landscape more accessible to young Canadians with Money. Now that goal lives on through Free.

Furthermore, Stack will be the title sponsor for Daily Vice. The digital media franchise is one of the most watched in Canada. Daily Vice will also include a new weekly money show.

“We know that young people have huge goals that they want to achieve, but right now there’s a gap between their financial know-how and their potential. We need to have conversations that demystify money to tackle stigma head on, and that’s exactly what STACK is here to do,” said Miro Pavletic, co-founder and CEO of Stack, in a press statement.

Source: Vice Canada