EA’s new Madden NFL mobile game is now available

Madden NFL Overdrive

Game publishing giant Electronic Arts’ new Madden NFL Overdrive mobile game is now available on iOS and Android.

As EA announced earlier this yearMadden NFL Overdrive is revamped version of the previously offered Madden NFL Mobile game, bringing with it overhauled graphics and new seasons, modes and teams.

The biggest change, however, is the addition of real-time player-versus-player matches for the first time in a mobile EA Madden game.

Players will be able to keep Madden Cash, Legacy teams and Postseason points obtained in Madden NFL Mobile, while coins, items, achievements and other earnings will be reset.

Madden NFL Overdrive is free to download on Android and iOS and supports in-app purchases.

To play the game, a Samsung Galaxy S5 or newer is required for Android, while an iPhone 5s or newer will be needed for iOS.

Via: Android Authority