Samsung Galaxy Note 9 nets more preorders than the S9: report

The Note 8 is still ahead of Note 9 preorder numbers

Note 9

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 has reportedly attracted more preorders than the Galaxy S9.

According to The Investor, a South Korean subsiduary of The Korean Herald, South Korean carriers said preorder numbers are significantly higher.

An unamed carrier source told The Investor that Note 9 had approximately 30 to 50 percent more preorders than the S9.

Despite the strong numbers, the Note 9 still hasn’t passed the Note 8. According to the same carrier source, the Note 9 has about 80 percent of the numbers the Note 8 had.

Interestingly, Samsung’s DJ Koh, the head of the company’s mobile business, said he hoped the Note 9 would outsell the Note 8. While preorders aren’t always indicative of final sales, they are a clue to what could happen in the future.

Regardless if the Note 9 beats the Note 8, the device is getting solid preorder numbers. It’s important to note that demand for the Note 8 was higher than normal. This was likely due to the Note 7 issues which effectively skipped a year of the smartphone cycle.

While those numbers show that the Note 9 is popular among South Koreans, we still aren’t sure how well it’s doing in Canada. However, with the phone coming to stores this week, we may see how well it does soon.

Likely the big changes on the inside of the Note 9 will drive its popularity. While it still looks like the Note 8, the Note 9 features a larger 4,000 mAh battery, a Bluetooth S Pen and 128GB internal storage.

Source: The Investor Via: SamMobile