Gatineau Park staff urge hikers to use paper maps instead of smartphones

Poor reception and incorrect maps are leading hikers astray

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Hikers in Quebec’s Gatineau Park are relying too much on their phones and getting lost, according to park staff.

A CBC News report reveals that people are getting stranded because of their phones.

Issues like poor reception, drained batteries and outdated trail information have led hikers down the wrong path.

Furthermore, mobile apps often don’t include information about difficult terrain.

Instead, park staff recommend hikers ditch the phone for a paper map. Additionally, when visitors pick up a map, park staff can inform them about difficult terrain.

While you can still use your phone, having the paper map as a back-up will help if something goes wrong.

Park staff are hoping paper maps will help prevent people from getting lost. The issue is once you get lost, it’s harder for staff to find you.

Unfortunately, Gatineau Park is likely not the only park suffering from the same issues.

If you’re a hiker, or even if you’re just visiting a park, it’s probably safe to grab a paper map.

As good as cellular services are these days, there are still dead zones. Thankfully, maps can’t lose signal.

Source: CBC News