Parallels 14 brings speed and storage improvements for macOS Mojave

Up to 200 percent better performance and 20GB less space per virtual machine

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Parallels, one of the more popular tools for running Windows alongside macOS, is getting speed and storage performance-related improvements.

The improvements come as part of an update to version 14, which also makes the software ready for macOS Mojave.

On the storage front, Parallels will see significant optimization. According to the company, each virtualized Windows machine could see disk space usage reduced by 20GB. Overall, those are some solid numbers when it comes to storage optimization.

Additionally, application launch times and boot times will see significant performance boosts. as well. For instance. suspending operations on disk partitions through the Apple File System is 30 percent faster.

Parallels also said that iMac Pro users will see some serious benefits, especially when it comes to complex math workloads. Workloads such as audio and video encoding, AI, 3D modelling and cryptography could see performance gains of 200 percent.

Existing Parallels users with version 12 or 13 can upgrade to version 14 for $50 USD (about $65 CAD). New users can purchase a yearly subscription for $80 USD (about $105 CAD). Alternatively, they can purchase the software outright for $100 USD (about $130 CAD).

Additionally, you’ll need a valid Windows license in order to use Parallels.

Source: Engadget