Lenovo almost concussed an employee to explain 5G technology

If you can dodge a ball, you can learn about 5G

As the world slowly edges towards a bold 5G future, most tech companies are faced with the difficulty of explaining why precisely anyone should care about a brand new ‘G.’

Canadian carriers like Telus and Rogers have chosen to use media events and business partnerships to reinforce the fact that 5G speeds will be astronomically faster than previous generations and the fact that reduced latency will lead to the widespread adoption of technology like driverless cars .

However, Chinese electronics giant Lenovo — perhaps sensing that much of the world still doesn’t truly understand 5G network technology — has chosen to use a succinct video to outline the differences between the various generations of network infrastructure.

Rather than focusing on lengthy write ups filled with complicated scientific jargon, Lenovo chose to use a more direct method: giving one of its employees a concussion.

To clarify, it’s not like Lenovo’s Extreme I.T. Connection Speeds unfurls with the explicit intention of giving business transformation consultant Mukund Gourishankar a head injury, but the fact that he’s forced to explain network topology while being pelted with dodgeballs lends the whole exercise an almost sadistic feel.

Still, despite being physically maligned by children with balls that look startlingly similar to red kickballs, Gourishankar more than adequately explains the differences between 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks.

For what it’s worth, the video is that perfect mix of humourous, educational and horrifying.

Here’s hoping Gourishankar has recovered from what can only be described as an emotionally scarring session of one of the least enjoyable playground sports.

If you’d like to learn more about 5G, read Rose Behar’s wonderful 5G explainer.

We here at MobileSyrup can personally guarantee that Behar was able to put together her piece without fear of physical, emotional or spiritual harm.

Source: Lenovo YouTube