Fido’s back to school wireless plans offer subscribers double data

Most of the plans also come with Fido's extra five hours of data per month


Fido is offering a variety of new wireless plans with double data to celebrate the start of a new school semester.

Most of the back to school plans come with an additional five extra hours of data per month through Fido Bytes, as well as Fido Xtra. All of the plans in this story have unlimited calling attached to them. By opting for 500 Canada-wide minutes instead, consumers can also get $5 CAD off.

Subscribers that bring their own device can hop on a plan for $65 CAD a month with 6GB of data. Going up to $75 nets subscribers 8GB of data total. There are two more plans with over 10GB of data. One features 11GB of data for $85 and the other includes 13GB at $115 a month.

It’s worth noting that these plans have an overage rate of $7 per 100MB.

These plan are available in all of the provinces except Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec. Both of the prairie provinces have a 5GB for $53 deal on bring your own device plans.

In Quebec the plans start at 2GB for $35 a month with unlimited minutes, and they go up until the 10GB plan for $56 a month.

Users can get these plans on a contract, but they cost more per month depending on the price of the phone upfront. For example, to get the 8GB plan with a Huawei P20 Pro, it costs consumers $199 up front and $120 a month plus tax.

Besides the double data plans, Fido is offering two Samsung phones for $0 –the A8 on a two-year medium plan or the A5 on a two-year small plan. The carrier is also offering an iPhone 7 with 32GB of storage for $0 on a two-year large plan or an iPhone 8 on a two-year extra large plan.

Source: Fido