Motorola patent shows off what could be the modern Razr

This may herald the return of the greatest clamshell ever

Motorola folding phone patent

It looks like Motorola is getting on the folding phone train.

A Motorola patent for a foldable smartphone design recently showed up in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Spotted by Mobielkopen, the patent illustration shows off a smartphone design that relies on a hinge fold. The device folds over like clamshell handsets of yore.

While a decidedly simpler solution than other manufacturers, it isn’t clear how Motorola plans to get around the potential for display damage.

It’s easy to damage a display when folded in half, as is shown in the patent illustration. That’s why LG and Samsung have developed curved hinges that allow the display to curve instead.

Motorola folding phone patent images

One of the illustrations shows a cross-section of the folded phone, which seems to indicate the screen will curve and not fold. However, it isn’t entirely clear how Motorola will achieve this.

Furthermore, the shape of the device itself is quite weird. It eschews the traditional rectangular shape for sides that jut out in middle. It almost looks like curly brackets: { }.

However, just because Motorola filed the patent doesn’t mean it will make the phone. That being said, if the company does decide to manufacture the smartphone, I hope the company refines the design.

Images: Mobielkopen

Source: Mobielkopen Via: Android Authority