Microsoft was reportedly persuaded by Intel not to use ARM processors for Surface Go

Microsoft had reportedly wanted to use an ARM-based processor for its new Surface Go 2-in-1, according to a new report from Paul Thurrott.

The company, however, is said to have been convinced to instead use one of Intel’s Pentium Gold processors, following repeated petitions by the desktop chipmaker. It’s not clear why Microsoft acquiesced to Intel’s appeals, nor how Intel convinced Microsoft to see things its way.

In the past, Intel has said it will launch patent lawsuits against companies that attempt to emulate its x86 instruction set architecture.

When I had asked Microsoft why it hadn’t gone with an ARM processor during my Surface Go briefing, a spokesperson said — and I’m paraphrasing here — that the company had, in fact, considered equipping the Surface Go with an ARM-based processor and was excited to further explore the platform’s potential. However, it ultimately decided to go with an Intel processor for performance-related reasons.

Source: Paul Thurrott Via: The Verge