You might be able to unlock your next Chromebook with your face

Smile! You're unlocking your Chromebook


New code in the Chromium Gerrit indicates that facial recognition is coming to Chrome OS.

Chromium Gerrit, for those unfamiliar, is a web-based collaboration platform for Chrome developers.

First spotted by Chrome Story, a code commit found on the Gerrit adds ‘face detection.’

Additionally, the code mentions the Intel Face Engine — facial recognition tech that may power Chrome OS face detection.

There’s also mention of the Intel Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL). The HAL is a layer of programming that allows the OS to communicate with the physical hardware of a device. Mention of the HAL indicates face detection will require some special Intel hardware, like the RealSense camera.

This is exciting news, especially for anyone who has tried the Intel RealSense cameras with Windows Hello.

However, we may not see it for some time. Chances are this will require special hardware — like Windows Hello — and Google will likely save it for an upcoming Pixelbook.

Ultimately, its a solid step forward for Chrome OS. Current users know how frustrating the PIN or Smart Lock systems can be.

This should resolve those problems and make logging in simple and secure.

Source: Chromium Gerrit Via: Chrome Story, Android Police