Essential Phone now supports YouTube’s zoom-to-fill functionality

The Essential Phone is a bit late to the game

Essential Phone

With the latest version of YouTube’s Android app, 13.34.50 (APK download via APK Mirror), the Essential Phone now supports the platform’s zoom-to-fill functionality.

Introduced late last year alongside the Pixel 2 XL, zoom-to-fill crops a 16:9 video so that the image takes up the entire screen of a phone with a taller aspect ratio like the PH-1. In short, if you own an Essential Phone, you can finally watch YouTube videos full screen.

The fact that the feature is now available on the Essential Phone was first spotted by the Essential subreddit and subsequently reported on by Android Police.

To take advantage of zoom-to-fill, simply use the pinch to zoom gesture.

Of course, now the Essential Phone’s display notch will be a prominent feature of the video you’re viewing, but at least the video takes up the entire screen.

Source: Reddit Via: Android Police