Snapchat beta brings an adaptive icon, uniformity to home screens

One step closer to a uniform home screen

Snapchat adaptive icon

Snapchat’s newest beta update brings a wonderful new addition to home screens: an adaptive icon.

Snapchat was among the few big holdouts that haunted Android home screens with a unique square icon. However, those days will soon be over.

For once, Snapchat seems to be taking a page out of Facebook’s book. The blue social network updated its Messenger app earlier this week with an adaptive icon as well.

Unlike Facebook, however, Snapchat did the adaptive icon right. It skipped the white border-style icon. Instead, Snapchat has the yellow surrounding the ghost icon flex to fill the desired shape.

Snapchat icons

Unfortunately, in order to bless your home screen with uniformity, you must be part of the Snapchat beta. Some Reddit users pointed out that the beta appears to be full.

However, if you’re really desperate for the new adaptive icon, you can always grab the APK from a trusted website.

There are still a few big apps out there that need adaptive icons, however. Snapchat does bring us one step closer to uniform home screens.

Source: Reddit