Canadian-made The Messenger now available on Nintendo Switch, PC

The Messenger game

Retro action-platforming game The Messenger is now available on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Developed by Quebec City-based indie developer Sabotage, The Messenger follows a young ninja who must travel a plague-ridden world to find a magical scroll that save his village from a demon army.

Initially, The Messenger appears to be a simple homage to classic 8-bit action-platformers (most notably Ninja Gaiden), with gameplay focused on jumping through stages while attacking incoming enemies.

However, as the plot progresses, The Messenger will adopt a 16-bit graphical style and feature more Metroidvania-style gameplay, requiring players to navigate an interconnected world to obtain the items necessary to process.

Players will need to use the ninja’s powers to magically jump between past and present in order to complete his mission.

The Messenger can be downloaded on Steam for $22.79 CAD and on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $25.19.