Competition Bureau will support CRTC inquiry into aggressive sales tactics

CRTC website on an iPhone X

Canada’s Competition Bureau responded to the CRTC’s public inquiry regarding the use of misleading or aggressive sales tactics.

Minister of Innovation Navdeep Bains asked the Bureau to assist the CRTC.

In its submission, the Bureau suggests that the CRTC should take care not to stifle competition.

Specifically, the Bureau recommends that any intervention should not be broader than necessary to ensure consumers are protected from aggressive tactics.

Additionally, the CRTC should base any intervention on the best available evidence from the public inquiry.

The CRTC intervention should also be proportionate to the associated harm caused by these tactics. The CRTC should regularly review intervention measures as well.

“The Bureau welcomes the opportunity to support the CRTC in examining and addressing misleading or aggressive practices that may be harmful to consumers,” said Matthew Boswell, the interim commissioner of competition.

One caveat the Bureau outlined in its submission was that it does not cover purely aggressive sales tactics. Instead, the Bureau addresses false, misleading or deceptive marketing practices.

The Bureau prioritizes ensuring truth in advertising and sales practices. If there is evidence of companies using deceptive advertising and sales practices, the Bureau will certainly intervene.

The Bureau also pointed out that customers can file a complaint the Bureau if they feel a company has misled them.

Source: CRTC