Helix Sleep is giving up to $150 off their mattresses this Labour Day Weekend

In a perpetually stimulating world full of smartphones, computer screens, and now VR, people are turning to caffeinated beverages, nootropics, and meditation sessions to recharge their energy reserves.  But there is simply no replacement for a good old-fashioned night’s sleep – and a high-quality mattress is a foundation to achieve that healthy lifestyle.

That’s the core concept behind Helix Sleep, a rising star and unique player in the mattress startup community. Helix matches each type of sleeper to his or her ideal mattress to provide the most comfortable bed possible. Prefer your mattress soft or firm? Sleep on your side, back or stomach? Helix has a mattress designed for every individual.

This Labour Day weekend, Helix is offering a rare and hefty $100-$150 off their mattresses. To take advantage, you can visit their online site before Tuesday. But how does Helix even make the connection between sleeper type and ideal mattress? Using their proprietary Sleep Quiz that takes only two minutes to complete, Helix has created an easy-to-follow mattress shopping process. After taking the Sleep Quiz, you are matched with a mattress that was designed specifically for your sleeping preferences, e.g. ideal firmness, sleep position, support needs, and more.

Helix Sleep also stands out for its emphasis on value — and you can rest easy knowing that you have 100 nights to test out your new mattress with a no-questions-asked return policy. Each mattress is delivered to your doorstep for free, built 100% in the USA, and sold at one third the price of traditional retail.

You can explore the simple possibility of upgrading to a Helix mattress by taking their short quiz, but don’t forget to take advantage of their Labour Day Weekend sale while it lasts.

Source: Helix