Drag and Drop Music, Videos, and PDFs to any Mobile Apple Device Wirelessly with WALTR 2

Your iPhone likely endures a ton of abuse throughout its life. Unboxing a new iPhone feels like you’re starting fresh. However, your excitement disappears once you have to transfer years of files to your new device.

You can restore apps, data, and settings by creating an iCloud backup of your old iPhone, but transferring music, videos, and loose files aren’t as easy. Luckily, WALTR 2 will simplify your file transfers for $24.77 CAD [$19 USD].

WALTR 2 is a wireless transfer app available for Windows and MacOS that allows you to transfer files to your new iPhone with a simple drag-and-drop function. It’s that simple! You can port files such as music, videos, PDFs and more.

WALTR 2 features Smart Adaptive Conversion, which speeds up audio and video conversions. Additionally, you can transfer 4K video of up to 60 FPS with WALTR 2. The app even transfers previous metadata such as cover art and track lists with Automatic Content Recognition. WALTR 2 is compatible with all mobile Apple devices, dating back to the original iPod Classic.

WALTR 2 is currently $24.77 CAD [$19 USD], or 52% off.