Roomba’s new i7+ memorizes your house so you can tell it to ‘clean the kitchen’

This Roomba can clean itself too

iRobot has revealed the newest member of the Roomba family. Dubbed the Roomba i7+, the new robot vacuum is a sequel of sorts to the Roomba 980.

iRobot hopes the i7+ will make managing a Roomba easier than ever before.

This model of Roomba comes with a new charging base that also empties the Roomba. The debris bag inside the charging base can store up to 30 cleanings worth of dirt, according to iRobot.

If you set the i7+ to clean once a day, that means you’d only have to empty the debris bag about once a month.

Furthermore, the i7+ model supports virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa so users can easily schedule cleanings.

Along with all this, the i7+ builds a map of your home and stores it on board. It can also figure out the floor plan. Users can split up and label individual zones in the app as well.

This means that, with a bit of work, users can say things like “Alexa, tell Roomba to clean the kitchen,” and the Roomba should head over to the kitchen and start cleaning.

While some solid innovation from iRobot, the new tech doesn’t quite have the charm of building Alexa right into the Roomba.

If you’re excited to get your hands on the i7+, you can order it now from iRobot’s website. The i7+ will run you $949.99 USD (roughly $1,255.55 CDN).

iRobot also offers a version without the cleaning base called the i7. It will cost $699 USD (roughly $925.14 CDN).

Shipments are expected to begin next week. The new Roomba models should come to stores in October as well.