Facebook is bringing dinosaurs to life with Jurassic World AR stickers

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Facebook is releasing a batch of augmented reality stickers to celebrate the home video release of Jurassic WorldFallen Kingdom. 

Anyone who buys a DVD or Blue-ray copy of the movie can scan a Facebook QR code with Facebook Messenger to get access to the stickers. Some in-store displays have codes for an AR Indoraptor too.

Anyone who buys the film gets a code for Chris Pratt’s sidekick in the movies Blue the velociraptor.

To get this little trick working, users need to open Messenger and click on their avatar icon in the top right-hand corner. This opens a large version of their Friend Code. Swipe right and the code moves over to reveal a camera that can be used to scan codes.

Simply scan the dino’s code and you’ll be able to select it from the existing AR carousel within the app. Once you’ve chosen which prehistoric creature you want to use, just set it up and then send a picture or video to a friend.

This isn’t Facebook’s first foray into augmented reality. Previously, the social network offered a Thanos mask for Avengers: Infinity War and users could also scan posters for Ready Player One to see parts of the movie’s world.

Source: The Verge