Google’s new website wants to help you experience the best of 20 world-class cities

Google's new Touring Bird resource

Google has launched a new website called Touring Bird that aims to help you plan your next vacation.

Available on both desktop and mobile, the resource was created by Google’s Area 120 division, the same group that’s working on the company’s experimental ‘Shortwave‘ podcast app.

Featuring a charming design, Touring Bird lists must-see attractions, activities and tips for 20 cities across the globe, including Toronto, San Francisco, Prague, Rome and Amsterdam.

Many of the recommended activities include things you can do for free or for not too much money. The tips are written by local contributors.

What’s somewhat strange about Touring Bird’s existence is that Google already offers an excellent travel planning app called Trips (Of course, the prospect of offering more than one app that offers the same exact functionality has never stopped the company in the past).

Like Touring Bird, Trips allows users to see notable sights and activities in a variety of cities across the world. Additionally, should the user choose to link their Gmail account with the app, Trips will automatically pull flight, hotel, car and restaurant reservations and organize them into a single itinerary.

Still, the website is well worth checking out, just be careful you don’t book a spontaneous trip.