Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] mobile game now running ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ tie-in event

Kingdom Hearts III in Union X [Cross]

Square Enix and Disney Interactive have announced that the Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] mobile game now features a Kingdom Hearts III tie-in event.

Starting now, players will be able to play ‘Classic Kingdom’ mini-games from Kingdom Hearts III that are based on classic Disney short films.

Each game is inspired by the popular LCD portable systems of the 1980s and can be accessed in a new ‘X3 [ex tres] mode’ in Union X [Cross]. 

After meeting certain requirements in the Classic Kingdom mini-games, players will be able to receive a code for the ‘Starlight Keyblade’ weapon that can be used in Kingdom Hearts III when it launches on January 29th, 2019. Players can choose between either a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One code.

Union X [Crosscan be downloaded for free on Android and iOS.

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