Chromium bug report might have given us a glimpse of Google’s new Pixelbook: report

Pixelbook in entertainment mode

A variety of Pixelbook leaks have surfaced over the last few days.

Rumours indicate Google will reveal two Pixelbooks at its hardware keynote on October 9th. The tech giant has reportedly codenamed the pair of Pixelbooks ‘Nocturne’ and ‘Atlas.’

Below is a video, spotted by Google+ user Brandon Lall, showing off the rumoured laptop’s bottom bezel and some of the keys on the device.

According to Chrome Unboxed, this video was pulled from a Chromium Bug Report showing off the unreleased Chromebook. It also reveals a magnetic clasp and a form factor that suggests the laptop is detachable and can operate as a tablet.

While this image doesn’t reveal much about the new Pixelbook, Google has removed the issue from the Chromium Bug Report, which indicates that the leak could have some credibility.

The other Pixelbook leaks are far less credible, unfortunately.

A Facebook advertisement for the laptop revealed images of a Pixelbook that features smaller bezels.

However, Google likely edited the Pixelbook in this image in order for its display to be visible. We’ll likely learn more about Google’s plans for its Pixelbook line at the company’s October 9th keynote in New York City.

Source: Chrome Unboxed Via: Android Police