Sonos is about to get a lot smarter with IFTTT support

The speaker company is starting to smarten up

Sonos has been a major player in the connected speaker market for a long time, yet the company’s products have never played nice with IFTTT — at least not until now.

IFTTT is a platform that’s capable of tieing internet-connected devices together. It’s difficult to explain, but you set it to do things like automatically turn on music when you come home, or stop all the music if a Wi-Fi-connected smart fire alarm starts going off.

Adding IFTTT to Sonos’ already top-tier multi-room audio technology makes this skill incredibly useful. There are already a variety of app recipes that have taken advantage of Sonos’ new skills.

There’s a ton of app recipes that work with an assortment of other IoT devices like Philips Hue lights, Amazon Alexa and Ring doorbells.

More than anything this partnership looks to add future-looking smart home capabilities to Sonos’ various speakers. To browse the rest of the Sonos pre-created IFTTT recipes, click here.

Source: Sonos, IFTTT