Turtle Beach announces latest budget headset, the Recon 200

A clean design really updates this headset

Turtle Beach is a headset company that focuses on building a wide range of products for pro and casual gamers alike.

The company’s latest offering is a budget-focused wired headset that works across Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and mobile.

The headset comes in white and black, although it’s noticeably missing the neon green highlights that often grace Turtle Beach headsets. This gives the Recon 200 a much quieter and high-end look.

The company promises high-quality sounds with its two core 40mm speakers and some bass enhancements. The ear-cups have sizeable synthetic leather cushions to make those long gaming sessions bearable. The sessions can’t go too long, though, since the headphones only hold a charge for 12-hours, according to Turtle Beach.

The headphones plug into the 3.5mm headphone jack, so they don’t get power from an outside source. Additionally, there is a standard volume slider and mic monitoring built into the unit for easy access.

The headset retails for $79.99 CAD and is available now.

Source: Turtle Beach