Spotify raised the amount of offline songs to 10,000 per device

Users can now download all of their music libraries at once

Spotify has changed its rules regarding offline music. Now, users can store up to 10,000 songs offline per device.

Until this update, the limit was 3,333 songs on three devices. Now, users can save 10,000 songs per device on five different media players.

Spotify only allows 10,000 tracks total in a library. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter that a user can potentially download 50,000 songs across five devices since their overall song limit is going to cap at 10,000 anyways.

It is handy that both the maximum total song total and the maximum offline song limit are the same so users can at least download all of their music, instead of just a fraction of it.

To see how many songs are in your library, open the desktop Spotify app, hit Command+A and drag the songs to the left or right to see the total amount of selected files.

Source: Rolling Stone Via: The Verge