Chromium code references Google’s unannounced Yeti platform


In February, MobileSyrup reported that Google was looking into its own streaming video game console. While Google has been quite ‘hush hush’ about the product, information within the Chromium code leads us to believe that either the service or the console is real.

9to5Google spotted within the Chromium code commits, oddly in the Chromcast-related section. The mention of Yeti: “seems kind of high, I think a/v sync issues become pretty noticeable at 50ms or so (according to Yeti folks).”

It seems as the developers were working on making sure there isn’t any lag between audio and visual synchronisation. However, what’s important here is “Yeti folks,” as this is the first time we’ve seen anyone at Google mention the unannounced platform.

The original leaks indicate that the product is software as well as hardware and that the streaming service will be something akin to PlayStation’s PS Now service.

Source: 9to5Google