Tesla software 9 is nearing completion and includes dash cam functionality

In a recent tweet, Tesla CEO Elon Musk clarified that the latest version of the company’s software, version 9, is launching soon and includes a new dashboard camera feature.

The addition of dash cam recording makes a lot of sense; Tesla vehicles with the automaker’s upgraded autopilot feature come with eight cameras for autonomous-driving.

Currently, Tesla can review the footage these cameras capture when a vehicle gets into an accident, but that same footage isn’t accessible to drivers.

Twitter user Ryan McCaffrey asked Musk for clarification on when Tesla plans to release the feature. Musk said that the dash cam is launching alongside Version 9 in beta, and will be fully released in version 9.1.

Here’s what we know about software version 9

The update was initially supposed to go live at the end of August, but has since been pushed back several times. According to Musk, the beta will go live soon, but neither the beta nor the full version have an actual release date.

The CEO also promised that version 9 will include numerous autonomous-driving features. In the past, Musk stated that the company has been able to move past a singular focus on safety and instead work on full self-driving tech.

Initially, the company promised that by 2019 a self-driving Tesla would be able to travel across across the U.S. In the dashcam tweet thread, Musk clarified that the cross-country trip functionality is likely to arrive in version 10 alpha, which likely means Tesla owners may not see the feature until after 2019.

Once the update goes live, Tesla owners will be able to use their vehicle as a large portable battery to charge their devices. They’ll also find a new easter egg that allows them to play Atari games on their car’s screen.

Source: Elon Musk, Jason Hughes Via: Engadget, Electrek