EB Games Canada to offer PlayStation Classic pre-orders tomorrow (Update)

PlayStation Classic packaging

One of this week’s most surprising announcements was certainly when Sony revealed the PlayStation Classic, a miniature replica of the original PlayStation console.

Now, EB Games has confirmed that it will be offering pre-orders of the retro system tomorrow, Thursday, September 20th.

Customers will be able to place a pre-order in-store or online at 10am ET. EB Games says there will be a limit of one PlayStation Classic per customer.

There’s no word yet from other retailers about pre-order options. However, it’s worth noting that Best Buy Canada’s support Twitter page suggests Canadians stay tuned to the Best Buy Canada Gamers account for any announcements.

Set to release on December 3rd for $129.99 CAD, the PlayStation Classic is Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s highly popular NES and SNES Classic emulation devices.

The PlayStation Classic will come pre-installed with 20 original PlayStation games, although Sony has only revealed the following five so far: Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms.

Update 20/09/18: EB Games Canada has started taking PlayStation Classic pre-orders via its online store, according to a tweet from the company. Unfortunately, it appears the company is already out of stock.