Virgin launches ‘Diamond Plus’ rate plan tier across Canada

The new plan adds an additional $200 subsidy on top of existing Diamond plan savings

Bell flanker brand Virgin Mobile has launched a new ‘Diamond Plus’ rate plan tier for new and existing subscribers across Canada.

According to documents obtained by MobileSyrup, the new rate plan provides users with 5GB of data, an additional 5GB of bonus data, unlimited Canada-wide minutes, unlimited text and picture messaging to Canada and the U.S. and unlimited worldwide text messaging from Canada for $96.

Much like the slate of ultra-tier plans from Rogers, Bell and Telus, Virgin’s Diamond Plus plan adds an additional $200 subsidy to the existing Diamond plan savings.

For instance, an iPhone X on a Diamond plan has an upfront cost of $529, while the same phone on a Diamond Plus plan costs $329.

It’s worth noting that once subscribers activate a Diamond Plus plan, they won’t be able to migrate to a lower tier while on contract.

According to Virgin Mobile’s website, the plan is only available in-store or over-the-phone.