Walmart Canada now offering PlayStation Classic pre-orders

PlayStation Classic box

Walmart Canada is currently offering pre-orders for the PlayStation Classic on its website.

The retro console can be pre-ordered here.

As Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s hugely popular NES and SNES Classic Edition devices, the PlayStation Classic is a miniature version of the original PlayStation that includes 20 pre-installed classic games.

However, only five of the title have been confirmed at this time — Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms.

The PlayStation Classic will also include two wired original PlayStation controllers, a USB cable and an HDMI cord.

The system will release in Canada on December 3rd at a cost of $129 CAD.

It’s worth noting that EB Games Canada also offered pre-orders for the system earlier this week, although they sold out quickly after. Meanwhile, Best Buy Canada opened pre-orders earlier today, which are currently still available.

Source: Walmart Canada