YouTuber drops iPhone XS and XS Max to test glass durability

The iPhone XS performs surprisingly well

iPhone XS drop test

The iPhone XS and XS Max have only just become available for consumers, and people are already drop-testing the phone.

This video from YouTuber ‘TechSmartt‘ compares the new XS and XS Max with last year’s iPhone X to see if Apple’s claim about more durable glass is true.

While not an exact science, drop tests are at least a fun way to see how durable a phone is. When you drop a phone, several variables affect damage to it.

Things like how the phone lands, the speed of the fall and the angle of the impact can affect how or if it gets damaged. That said, it’s still fun to watch someone drop an almost $1,400 phone on concrete.

The video’s first test is a ‘pocket height’ drop. In this test, the YouTuber drops all three phones from about pocket height. All phones come out unscathed.

TechSmartt does a ‘head height’ test next, emulating what would happen if you dropped your phone while talking to someone.

In this test, the iPhone X cracks. However, the iPhone XS comes outs without a mark, and the XS Max gets a small scrape.

The final drop test is a 10-foot drop. The XS again comes out fine. However, the XS Max screen shatters when it lands screen-first on the concrete.

While it appears the XS and XS Max are more durable than last year’s model, I’d still put a case on and avoid dropping it. Even a drop from a low height can break your phone if it bounces wrong.

Source: YouTube Via: 9to5Mac