New mystery Pokémon appears in ‘Pokémon Go’ over the weekend

Could it be a promotion or a glitch?

Pokémon Go players encountered a mysterious, never-before-seen Pokémon over the weekend.

The Pokémon appeared at the conclusion of a special community day event in the Asia-Pacific region. At the conclusion of the event, which focussed on the Pokémon Chikorita, the new Pokémon overran the world of Pokémon Go.

The Pokémon looks like a white-coloured Ditto, but with a hexagonal nut for a head. In the centre of the bolt is a single eye. Furthermore, the Pokémon appeared with the name and combat power (CP) rating of “???.”

Additionally, if a player caught the mystery Pokémon, it transformed into a Ditto.

The mystery Pokémon sparked debate and confusion amidst fans and players. Some speculated the Pokémon was a glitch. Others thought it might be a promotion of some sort for the upcoming Pokémon: Let’s Go games for the Switch.


A Twitter user named ‘Chrales’ posted pictures of the mystery Pokémon earlier this week. Chrales claimed the Pokemon was a Generation 3 Pokémon called Kecleon. However, the mystery Pokémon bears no resemblance to Kecleon.

Chrales later clarified that the mystery Pokémon was labelled as Kecleon in the game files.

Kecleon Pokemon

Image from Bulbapedia

Furthermore, players are reporting that Kecleon now appears in the game too. However, Kecleon also turns into Ditto when caught.

Chrales noted that the mystery Pokémon had a Pokedex number of 891 as well. 891 is unusual considering the current highest Pokedex number belongs to Zeraora with 807.

Additionally, the mystery Pokémon appears to have a regular and shiny form already.

Something bizarre is going on in Pokémon Go. What do you think? Are Niantic and Nintendo teasing a new Pokémon from an upcoming game, or is it a bug? Maybe there’s a bigger conspiracy at work here. Only time will tell.

Source: Polygon, Twitter