Fido launches ‘XXL’ rate plan tier across Canada

Fido's newest plan tier competes with other ultra-tier plans

Mid-tier Rogers flanker brand Fido has launched its own ultra-tier rate plan.

The plan currently only seems to be available to existing customers, as a Fido subscriber at MobileSyrup was the only one who could view Fido’s newest plans — and only after they’d been redirected to the Fido website through the carrier’s My Account mobile app.

Fido’s new ‘Extra Extra Large’ pulse plans begin at $115 per month and offer 2GB of data and 500 Canada-wide minutes. It appears that existing subscribers are able to receive a bonus 2GB of data.

While the plans are certainly expensive, the Extra Extra Large tier offer an additional $230 subsidy on both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max devices when compared to existing Extra Large plan subsidies.

A 64GB iPhone XS costs $429 outright when purchased alongside an Extra Extra Large plan, while the same 64GB iPhone XS costs $659 when purchased alongside an Extra Large plan.

As such, it can be inferred that Fido’s newest rate plan tier is designed to compete with other ultra-tier rate plans that typically offer up to $250 in savings when compared with a premium plus plan equivalent.

Rogers, Bell and Telus — Canada’s three largest carriers — have all launched ultra-tier rate plans, while Bell mid-tier flanker brand Virgin Mobile has also launched its own ultra-tier plan.

“Our new XXL tier is available to existing Fido customers starting today,” a Fido spokesperson told MobileSyrup via email.

“The XXL tier offers customers more choice and flexibility so they can get the iconic devices they want for a lower upfront cost.”

Via: iPhone in Canada

Update 25/09/2018 4:15pm ET: Story updated with comment from Fido.