Apple simplifies beta testing apps on iOS, tvOS and watchOS

Beta tests on iOS just got a 10,000 person upgrade

Developers that take advantage of Apple’s TestFlight beta locker can now share early app builds online with up to 10,000 people.

Beta testing apps on an Apple device requires the user to download an app called TestFlight.

TestFlight is a hub where iOS users can see all the beta software they’re currently testing. Prior to the update, developers had to invite individuals to beta test an app with unique links via email. Moreover, there was a limit of 2,000 participants per beta.

The new rule allows devs to send invites via a link shared on the web. Once the link goes live, anyone that has TestFlight is eligible to beta test an app for free.

Public betas significantly expand a developer’s options for large-scale testing of online games or anything else that needs a good internet connection to work. Developers also have the option of killing a link or limiting the amount of people that can partake in the test.

Every 90 days the TestFlight builds expire, so developers have to continue updating their apps to renew the 90 day cycle.

Anyone who joins the beta through a web link will be kept anonymous, unless they offer feedback via email.

Apple announced this feature at WWDC in June, and it has started to roll out to users on iOS, tvOS and watchOS.

Users can download TestFlight on iOS here.

Source: Apple Insider