Maps Go passes 10 million installs, further indicates success of Android Go

Maps Go could be a sign of the popularity of light apps

Maps Go app

The light version of Google Maps, Maps Go, has joined Google Go at the 10 million install mark.

Considering Maps Go only took a few more weeks to hit that milestone, it likely confirms speculation that there are close to 10 million Android Go devices in the wild.

Since Google hasn’t released any sales statistics for Android Go, we’re not sure how well the project is doing. However, Google Go comes preinstalled on Android Go devices. With that in mind, the number of Google Go installs could indicate how many Android Go devices there are.

Unfortunately, users without Android Go devices can also install Go apps. This means that there are at most 10 million Android Go devices, but likely less.

Alternatively, we can take this as a sign that lighter versions of apps are popular. Many users complain that Google Maps is bloated, especially with the new social features the company has added. A light version of Maps that focusses on core features like navigation may be more popular.

You can download Maps Go for free from the Play Store.

Source: Android Police