PlayStation Store featuring 3 different sales offering discounts of up to 70 percent

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This week, Sony is running three different sales in the PlayStation Store that offer up to 70 percent off various PlayStation 4 games.

The PS Plus Sale offers discounts on a variety of unrelated games exclusively to those subscribed to the PlayStation Plus premium service.

The Outbreak Day Sale coincides with September 26th, the fictional day in which the world of The Last of Us became infected with the Cordyceps virus and civilization collapsed. To mark the occasion, The Last of Us and all sorts of downloadable content for the game are discounted.

Finally, the THQ Nordic Sale features discounts on many games from Austrian games publisher THQ Nordic.

Below is a highlight of some of the deals from each sale, listed in Canadian dollars.

PS Plus Sale

It’s worth noting that Far Cry 4 was developed by Ubisoft Montreal, while The Golf Club 2019 was made by Lunenberg, Nova Scotia-based HB Studios.

The full list of PS Plus Sale deals can be found here. The sale will end on Tuesday, October 2nd.

Outbreak Day Sale

The full list of Outbreak Sale deals can be found here. The sale will end on Monday, October 1st.

THQ Nordic

The full list of THQ Nordic Sale deals can be found here.