Google celebrates 20th birthday with virtual tour of garage where it started

You can also check out fun Easter eggs and Google doodles

Google is celebrating its 20th birthday today. The Mountain View-based search giant is marking the day with some fun and unique interactive features, along with a redesign of its image search.

To kick things off, Google has a fun video doodle that takes viewers on a nostalgic trip through its history. Furthermore, the company posted a blog that breaks down its 20 most notable doodles.

If doodles aren’t your thing, that’s cool. The company has also painstakingly recreated Susan Wojcicki’s Menlo Park garage, where Larry Page and Sergey Brin set up the first Google office in 1998. You can explore the home using Street View.

Google's original webpage on an old computer

The company’s first office features some pretty unique Easter eggs as well. Notably, there’s a secret door that fills the house with unique Google paraphernalia, like a bike sporting the company’s colours or what appears to be Google Glass prototypes.

To see the Easter egg, click on this door. Then click on the Google neon light sitting on the shelf. Street View will transport you into another part of the house with several computers. Navigate out of this room and back into the hallway. You’ll see coloured balls on the floor. If you go down the hall to the secret door, you can see the bike.

All the search Easter eggs

Speaking of Easter eggs, Google has built some into the search bar as well. If you search specific “old school” terms, you’ll get a pop-up message that says “It’s 2018, did you mean” followed by a modern term. It’s worth noting that the Easter egg doesn’t work for everyone yet — I couldn’t get the search Easter eggs to work.

Search term easter eggs

Finally, check out this neat search insight tool that gives you randomized insights from 20 years of search data. For example, did you know we searched for Martin Luther King Jr. more than any other author?

Overall, there are lots of fun things to play with today in celebration of Google. You should take a few minutes to try them out.

Source: The Verge