Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera updated with better low-light performance

Note 9 camera update

The latest over-the-air update for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is focused squarely on the smartphone’s camera performance.

The 302MB firmware update (N960FXXU2ARI9) is included with the Note 9’s September 1st security patch, according to SamMobile.

Upgraded camera functionality, including the “brightness of faces in backlit conditions,” as well as “day/night HDR control accuracy” has been stepped up a notch, according to the update’s notes.

The Note 9’s camera remains one of the top Android shooters out there. Thanks to this update, it looks like the smartphone’s photography capabilities are set to get even better.

The camera-focused firmware update hasn’t yet hit my Note 9, with SamMobile reporting that it has so far only been released in Germany.

That said, it’s likely that the security update will be released in Canada and the United States at some point in the very near future.

Source: SamMobile