Videotron’s Fizz Mobile offers $64/8GB plans in Quebec, Ottawa

Fizz Mobile seems to be Videotron’s answer to mid-tier flanker brands like Fido, Virgin and Koodo

While there’s still little public information available regarding Videotron’s Fizz Mobile flanker brand, a September 28th, 2018 Reddit post has shed some light on the still-in-beta carrier.

According to Redditor ‘ottawa123456789’, Fizz Mobile offers plans in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 6GB and 8GB configurations.

The most expensive bring-your-own-device (BYOD) plan — which includes 8GB of data, unlimited U.S. and Canada talk and text, free roaming in Canada and the U.S., voicemail and call display — reportedly costs $64 per month.

Individuals who sign up for a Fizz plan during the carrier’s beta period can pay $7 per month for the aforementioned 8GB plan.

Ottawa123456789 added that the same plan with 6GB costs $49 per month; 4GB costs $46 per month, 2GB costs $42 per month; and 1GB costs $35 per month.

Ottawa123456789 was unable to provide any information about non-BYOD plans.

Additionally, ottawa123456789 suggested that subscribers can sign up for data-only plans. The Redditor said that an 8GB data-only plan without talk or text costs $46 per month.

Ottawa123456789 added that unused data can carry over into the following two or three billing cycles, though the Redditor was unsure if unused data carries into the next two or three cycles.

Subscribers can also reportedly gift data to other subscribers.

Carriers in Quebec are currently running a series of double-data promotions. As such, price comparisons between incumbent players and Fizz Mobile are skewed in favour of these promotions.

Virgin Mobile, Koodo and Fido, for example, all currently offer Quebec residents a 4GB plan with a bonus 4GB of data for $49 per month. However, these plans doesn’t include unlimited U.S. calling, nor do they include free U.S. and Canada roaming or additional data at the cost of $5/2GB.

MobileSyrup first reported on Fizz Mobile’s beta program in September 2018.

At the time, all that was known wa that Fizz sought to offer subscribers a “new kind of mobile provider that runs on a lightning-quick LTE network, but without the frills, fees and extras.”

It’s worth noting that residents of Quebec and the Ottawa region can still sign up for the carrier’s beta program.

Source: Reddit