SkipTheDishes ad campaign features “honourary Canadian” Jon Hamm

The first ad airs during Wednesday's NHL season opener

Online food delivery platform SkipTheDishes is hoping to win over Canadians with an ad campaign featuring “honourary Canadian” Jon Hamm.

The Emmy award-winning actor, best known for his role in Mad Men, will feature in several ads for SkipTheDishes. The first ad will air during the NHL season opener on Wednesday.

In the ad, Hamm tries to act like a relatable Canadian who loves hockey and poutine. Playing up stereotypes comes off well considering Hamm is most definitely not Canadian, and his celebrity makes him far from relatable. Regardless, Hamm pulls off the joke well, showing he is the complete package.

“We’re truly committed to great delivery for all,” said Kevin Edwards, chief marketing officer at SkipTheDishes.

“Our new campaign embraces the idea of entitlement, as our customers deserve the food they want – wherever and whenever they want it. We are thrilled to bring Jon Hamm on board to play up the stereotype of ‘celebrity entitlement.’ He has a great sense of humour, that matches our brand and the campaign concept perfectly.”

The spot is the first of three featuring Hamm. Furthermore, Canadian creative agency Arrivals + Departures developed the campaign.

“SkipTheDishes is a dynamic, competitive and innovative company and we both have like-minded, entrepreneurial, independent cultures,” said Mike Bevacqua, partner and president at Arrivals + Departures Toronto.

“This new campaign launches a fresh brand approach that we believe will resonate with Canadians. We are all very proud of this work.”

If you aren’t a hockey fan but still want to see the ad, that’s okay. You can watch it above or over on the SkipTheDishes YouTube channel.

Source: Newswire