Twitter adds ‘Data Saver’ setting to its Android and iOS app

It might not be editable tweets, but at least 'Data Saver' is something

Twitter’s most recent update has added a ‘Data Saver’ tool that lets users on iOS and Android better manage the amount of data the app consumes.

The new tool is located in the app’s ‘Data Usage’ settings. When the new setting is enabled, images load at a lower quality and videos no longer autoplay.

There is also a button under the three-dot menu that loads a high-resolution image if you want to get a better look at a specific photo.

Some users may already have this update, according to TechCrunch. Twitter has been testing the feature across its mobile apps for a while now.

Twitter’s new Data Saver tool is also available on the platform’s desktop site, Twitter Lite and the social network’s mobile website.

Even users with the most recent Twitter update might have to wait given that the feature is rolling out gradually.

Source: TechCrunch