Google redesigns Home app with new Home View feature

Google wants to make it super easy to control your smart home

Google is redesigning its Home app to work with the company’s new Home View platform for the recently announced Google Home Hub.

Announced alongside the new Google Home Hub at its Pixel 3 event in New York, the Home app is getting a sharp new look focussed on easy access to every smart device in your home.

Home View enables users to see everything that’s going on in their home at a glance.

Additionally, Home View can show users things like which lights are on, media that’s playing, the temperature of different rooms and more. Users can even quickly check if their doors are locked and access their security cameras.

Furthermore, the Home app will make it easy to see which devices you have in which room.

The new app design features the new Material Design, bringing it more in-line with Google’s other apps.