Fortnite for iOS has made $300 million in its first 200 days

Fortnite on iPhone

Epic Games’ Fortnite multiplayer video game sensation generated $300 million in its first 200 days on iOS, according to mobile game analytics firm Sensor Tower.

For comparison, Sensor Tower says that Clash Royale took 249 days to reach the $300 million mark, while Honor of Kings — which was initially only available in China — took 316 days to hit this milestone.

In terms of Fortnite‘s direct battle royale competitor, Sensor Tower says that PUBG Mobile has made roughly $47 million for its iOS version in the 173 days since it began offering in-app purchases in April.

However, the fastest game to reach $300 million is still Pokémon Go, which did so in just 113 days, according to Sensor Tower.

Sensor Tower also reports that Fortnite iOS players around the world have spent an average of $1.5 million per day since launch, a figure that has increased to $2.5 million since Season 6 arrived on September 27.

Outside of iOS, Sensor Tower estimates that the game has generated $60 million on Android since the game arrived in invite-only beta in August.

Source: Sensor Tower Via: Variety