Pokémon Go balances game mechanics to prepare for upcoming monsters

There's a lot happening in Pokémon Go over the next few months

There’s a ton of new Pokémon Go news this week, including the impending arrival of Generation 4 monsters, the newly announced Mythical Pokémon Meltan and some of the game’s mechanics getting rebalanced.

All of the recent announcements are for new features that are set to appear in the popular mobile title over the coming months, but they’ll have a substantial impact on the game.

This winter players are receiving a new batch of Special Reseach tasks that will lead them to Meltan. There’s no clear timeline for when the Pocket Monster is coming to Pokémon Go, but since Pokémon Let’s Go drops on November 16th, it seems like Meltan won’t be in the Switch game at launch.

Players will need to transfer a legacy monster from Pokémon Go to Pokémon Let’s Go to unlock Meltan in the mobile game. This just means the Pokémon will now appear in the Pokémon Go game world. If players catch it they will then be able to transfer it into the Pokémon Let’s Go series.

Along with this, The Pokemon Company has shared a second video that offers a bit more insight into the new Mythical Pokémon, including a sneak peek at its possible evolution.

Niantic has also shared that in a few weeks Pokémon from the Sinnoh region will start appearing in the hit mobile game. The game has been hinting at fourth-generation Pokémon for a while, and there are a lot of exciting evolutions and new monsters to look forward to. To prepare for the new monsters, Niantic is making a handful of changes to the game.

Weather now has less of an effect on the type of Pokémon that appear, but to make up for this, areas like parks and nature reserves will have more Pokémon than before.

Once the update drops, players exploring a specific area will notice a greater variety of monsters over time and at varying rates.

Battling in the game has been revamped too. There will soon be another ‘Combat Power’ balance that changes how strong specific Pokémon are.

Health values are being shifted as well to help close the gap between high and low HP Pokémon.

Perhaps the most exciting change is coming to Defense and Stamina. This is so high-level defensive Pokémon can outlast their opponents, instead of just running out the clock. Most Pokémon have had their Defense values reduced as well.

Combat Power was adjusted once before in 2016, allowing for more Pokémon to be used in the game’s battling meta. Ideally, this update means we’ll stop seeing the same monsters at Gyms all the time, and that more Pokémon will be worth powering up.

Source: Niantic