Web app lets Canadians renew their prescriptions online

Getting your prescription filled has never been easier

Newfoundland-based web app makes it possible to securely renew prescription medication online across most of Canada.

To access the site, users have to first register with their provincial plan information such as OHIP or B.C. Pharmacare, as well as their benefit plan information. Once registered, they then need to send in a picture of their prescription and select a nearby pharmacy.

Once the order has been placed, you then need to wait until the app sends out an alert indicating that it’s time to go pick-up the prescription.

In an interview with the Waterloo Chroniclethe husband and wife development team of Mohammad and Zarreen Taher said that, “by creating this application, we’re creating a certain level playing field where all the pharmacies are given equal exposure.”

The idea behind is to help smaller independent pharmacies compete with larger chains, according to the pair.

Currently, Canadians in most provinces can use the service, but if you live in one of the Northern territories or Quebec, you’re out of luck for now.

People who live in a supported province can even get their pet’s medication filled with Pillz. Anyone looking to use the app can check it out online here.

Source: Pillz, The Waterloo Chronicle