EA adds augmented reality features to The Sims FreePlay on iOS

The Sims FreePlay Halloween

Electronic Arts’ Maxis division has rolled out a new ‘Brilliant Backyards’ update to The Sims FreePlay to add augmented reality support to the iPhone and iPad version of the game.

Using Apple’s ARKit 2 technology, The Sims Freeplay will now let players bring their Sims characters into the real world. Support has also been added for real-time co-op building of Dream Homes using thousands of objects.

The Brilliant Backywards update also brings a new live event to FreePlay on both iOS and Android that adds new outdoor items for the Sims’ gardens. Meanwhile, a Fashion Designer Hobby Event will add new fall-themed clothing and a Day Spa Live Event with give the Sims an opportunity to relax.

Finally, Maxis says fan-favourite Halloween Seasonal Quests are also coming back to the game.

Source: Maxis